Legend of the New World: Origins

It’s 2047 and American freedoms are under siege as never before. In an attack that dwarfs 9/11, a seemingly wholesome all-American girl who was actually recruited as a child from an orphanage in the Ukraine has spearheaded the murder of more than half a million Americans watching Super Bowl LXXXI. The police and the military have retreated from large parts of the country; part of LA is now Mob City, where violence is the only law. The real America has not given up; the authorities have a man in deep cover running security for Mob City’s biggest gang – but the same wholesome all-American girl wants to sell his boss weapons that would make them invincible. Jackson Okafor, ex-Navy Seal, has joined a top-secret US army base to test those same weapons. All Jackson cares about is returning America to its peaceful state – but the two brothers who run the base have their own plans for self-aggrandizement, and they will stop at nothing to eliminate anyone who threatens their control. When Jackson takes on the brothers and loses, it seems the battle is over. But Jackson has a son. And the son has friends he never knew existed.

Legends of the New World: Origins is a full length sci-fi non-graphic novel that will release on June 9, 2021.