Enhancement technology was finally introduced to the Inevitable Universe in 2047, but in the most traumatic way ever imagined. Read Legend of the New World: Origin to understand exactly what happened, but below is a brief glossary that explains the enhancement technology available to heroes in the Inevitable Universe.   

Enhancement Technology has 3 categories, within which there are several attributes. Each attribute has 5 possible levels of strength (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest). Heroes must individually qualify for each attribute. The categories and their attributes are listed below.

(A.E.T) Athletic Enhancement Technology – A suit that enhances athletic abilities in four different ways/attributes: Velocity (V), Quickness (Q), Jump (J), Power (P)

(E.E.T) Element Enhancement Technology – A suit that controls the elements and other special abilities in five different ways/attributes: Electronic Energy (E), Gravity (G), Metal (M), Inferno (I), Telepathy (T)

(M.E.T) Mechanical Enhancement Technology – A suit that masters machinery, weapons and technology systems in four different ways/attributes: Sharpshooter (S), Weaponry (W), Hacker (H), Flying (F)

There is also a unifying technology, known as United Enhancement Technology (U.E.T) which combines attributes from at least 2 out of the 3 enhancement technologies. U.E.T suits are the most powerful, simply because of the fact that they combine powers from multiple technologies into one suit. 


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