In the Inevitable Universe, Firas Nazari is the leader of the terrorist group A.S.T (Almutahidat Sawf Tunhad: The United Will Rise)


  • Firas was born in Syria. His mother is Syrian and his father is American.
  • As a child, Firas saw what the Americans did (or at least, what he perceives they did) to his homeland. He once saw an I.S.I.S member speaking to a crowd, explaining why Americans really wanted to be there. It was then that he first considered joining a terrorist organization. 
  • When Firas was 13 his mother was killed as an innocent bystander in crossfire between terrorists and the U.S military. Her death tore Firas to the core and solidified his decision to become a terrorist. But when he tried to join a terrorist group shortly thereafter he was shunned, most likely for his lack of religious devotion. 
  • He decided to flee Syria altogether and eventually went on to create the most dangerous and diverse organization known to man, A.S.T, quickly becoming one of the Inevitable Universe’s most wanted men.  

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